Superhyipmonitor 8 in 1 Delights Value Bag XS:Superhyipmonitor
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8 in 1 Delights Value Bag XS:Superhyipmonitor

8 in 1
8 in 1 Published in October 17, 2018, 2:43 am
 8 in 1 Delights Value Bag XS:Superhyipmonitor

8 in 1 Delights Value Bag XS:Superhyipmonitor

Price:£12.45+ Free shipping with Diet-beauty Prime

James Reply to on 15 March 2014
Initially purchased these at the vet and my dog loved them .Subsequently found them on Amazon at a more attractive price .
Even after the tasty bit has been consumed the main body appears to still have an attraction as she continues to firstly bury it and then dig it up and continues to chew it or play with it by throwing in the air .
Have given the old one to friends where in all cases their dogs also enjoyed the treat
Mat Reply to on 18 December 2015
My Dachshund LOVES these! She can't get enough of them. If she isn't hungry or too tired to eat it, she walks around with it in her mouth for a while, panicking. Then she eventually buries it in a blanket or under my leg.
husky lover
husky lover Reply to on 22 February 2014
Love these sticks, I now buy these all the time. They are more expensive than similar products but my dog loves to dried meat in them. He can hold them easily and it looks like he is cleaning his teeth at the same time as he chews them using the back and front teeth.
He gets so excited when I get them out. Think I can say they are his favourite treat.
SB Reply to on 16 May 2015
This large pack of little bone shaped hide chews is excellent value for money, much better than the smaller packs. The chews themselves are designed for dental health and are just the right size for my bichon frisé or a small terrier. They also come in other sizes so be careful to choose the right size for your dog.
Joni G
Joni G Reply to on 27 April 2013
I have two naughty dogs who nag me for my food when I'm eating. These chewy bones with dryed chicken wraped through them are a perfect size to give them while I eat and they have a healthy delious snack. Chewing has got to be better for them than our sugary biscuits and they last for much longer!
The do also make a much longer chew of the same content which are also very popular with my dogs but I feel it's too much for them to have in one go, I save those for special occasions.
NJW Reply to on 14 October 2017
We are always buying 2-3 of those in one go. Rawhide is not good foe dogs so its an occasional treat only
Jenni Clarke
Jenni Clarke Reply to on 24 August 2018
Not as good valuie as the twisty sticks
Bunnybear22 Reply to on 18 February 2018
Great chews, pity they don’t make them bigger for really large dogs
Bunjirabbit Reply to on 15 January 2017
My border goes nuts for these and they are low fat too which is perfect for her as she suffers from pancreatitis flare ups.
LIW Reply to on 5 May 2015
My dog adores rawhide chews that have tasty strips either woven into the treat (like these) or coating the outside of them. I was, therefore, really surprised and disappointed that he loses interest so quickly when I give him one of these. Go figure....
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