Superhyipmonitor Duronic WE 10m Network Cable CAT6a Ethernet LAN Patch Cat 6 A RJ45 Wire Gigabit FTP Gold Headed Shielded - High Speed 600MHz Premium Quality | Modem | Router | White:Superhyipmonitor
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Duronic WE 10m Network Cable CAT6a Ethernet LAN Patch Cat 6 A RJ45 Wire Gigabit FTP Gold Headed Shielded - High Speed 600MHz Premium Quality | Modem | Router | White:Superhyipmonitor

Duronic Published in October 17, 2018, 3:15 am
 Duronic WE 10m Network Cable CAT6a Ethernet LAN Patch Cat 6 A RJ45 Wire Gigabit FTP Gold Headed Shielded - High Speed 600MHz Premium Quality | Modem | Router | White:Superhyipmonitor

Duronic WE 10m Network Cable CAT6a Ethernet LAN Patch Cat 6 A RJ45 Wire Gigabit FTP Gold Headed Shielded - High Speed 600MHz Premium Quality | Modem | Router | White:Superhyipmonitor

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Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 21 October 2017
Excellent CAT 6A Ethernet cable. I bought a 30m length to connect my Internet router to my PC on another room. The best wifi adapter I could find was still limiting my download speed to 220 Mbps, through 2 brick walls (Virgin Media Vivid 350). With this cable I get over 380 Mbps. In fact it should be good for 10 Gbps if I had anything that could take advantage of it.

The cable was sensibly coiled, unlike some I've seen where the ties have crushed the cable. The connectors are good quality, with anti-snag covers over the plastic catches. I'd definitely buy another one if I needed it.
Fushia15 Reply to on 3 February 2016
Having looked at a lot of network cables this seemed to be one of the highest rated I could find, so I decided to give it a punt. I'm very pleased I did as I can confidently say it is the best quality and most aesthetically attractive network cable I have ever owned (see my attached images!).

Having struggled to receive a decent Wi-Fi signal in an upstairs bedroom, I decided to buy a network range extender which I connected one end of this cable to and the other end and into my laptop. This has significantly improved the Wi-Fi reception in the bedroom.

This network cable is designed to provide fast internet reception to devices with an ethernet port. Common examples are connecting Sky/Freeview boxes to the internet as well as game consoles, smart TV's, Blu-ray players, laptops, computers, scanners and printers etc. As long as the device you want to use this cable with has a spare ethernet port and the Wi-Fi box has a spare ethernet port this cable should provide a stable fast internet connection to any modern device.

The build quality is the best I have seen, the cable seems to be very strong and slightly thicker compared to other cheaper cables. The cable length is a generous 10m.

Overall I would definitely recommend this network cable and would purchase again in the future.
DAJ Reply to on 8 April 2018
I've purchased other Duronics products in the past & I've always found their goods to be high quality & competitively priced. I've recently been upgrading the hardware for my entire LAN due to the ever growing number of ethernet capable devices in my home. I've just purchased a new router & a new ethernet switch; I also wanted the best cabling possible in varying lengths for maximum performance that will last well into the future. After years of putting it off by using alternative solutions too, I also plan on adding a dedicated 4 bay NAS to my home network very soon as well. Again, I wanted the best cables in place ready for that addition for optimal performance too. As soon as I saw these Duronic's ethernet cables as "add-on" items on Amazon I checked that they had the different lengths I needed & I immediately purchased several cables. You'll be VERY hard pressed to find better "genuine" certified Cat6a for domestic use anywhere on Amazon, or elsewhere for that matter. These cables aren't just used domestically, they're also used professionally as well. If you're looking for high quality ethernet cables at home, look no further!!

I haven't been disappointed at all. These cables are seriously heavy duty in comparison to the older Cat6 cabling I've been using for the last 14 - 15 years. They're nearly twice the diameter with much better shielding. The RJ-45 plugs have excellent moulding & they're incredibly strong, & secure. (It's more of an observation than a criticism, but one thing you do need to be careful of when handling or routing your cables is the release clips on the plugs. The plugs don't have protective caps & they can be easily damaged. They're not the strongest release clips I've seen!! Duronics could have made them stronger considering just how heavy duty these cables are). Otherwise, they're well up to spec & my LAN is operating at the maximum rated capabilities.

The cables are supplied in a heat sealed clear plastic bag that simply includes a product sticker with differing means of contacting Duronics directly. (I needed to contact them in the past about a different product, they resolved my issue very quickly & professionally). I'm VERY happy with these cables & I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. I'd certainly purchase more if required in the future too. 5/5.
M Morgan
M Morgan Reply to on 26 July 2016
Hands down the best Ethernet cable on amazon. Unlike many other cables these are actually Cat6a. Most cables on amazon claim to be cat 6 or even 7 and are no more than overpriced, nicely built cat5e cables. The one way you can check if the product is cat 6 or 5e is if the wires inside the connector are staggered and not in a straight line when looking head on to the connector. These are confirmed cat 6a 808c connectors. These are really high quality cables.
Only downside is some of the sizes/colour configuration you have to pay for shipping some you don't.
Note I do not have the equipment to to CAT certification however this isn't a fake cable.
Peter Reply to on 19 April 2017
I've purchased the 30m length cable. It is very good. Somewhat thicker than a coaxial cable but not significantly. It measures 7mm outed diameter.

I use it for my NAS. The NAS itself has a maximum speed of 105MBites/s and I get the maximum data transfer speed with this cable. The cable may be faster but my nas cannot do faster.

I had to cut the cable due to resizing. Now I have the trouble. The cat6 plug doesn't fit and I can't find cat6a plug for a reasonable price.
Also it looks like I can't use my old crimping tool as it would break the new plug.

This is not a fault with the cable.. it is just a lack of knowledge from me.. now I've learned all about cat6a. I thought I share it with everyone.
J. D. Dixon
J. D. Dixon Reply to on 9 October 2015
This review is for the 3m variant of this product.

These cables are strong, sturdy and oh-so manly. I am currently running a number of devices around the home and have them connected up, in the most part, through high speed powerline connectors. This means that the powerline adaptor which connects directly to the router is really the bottleneck in the system. The powerline system I use tops out at 500mbps, and I can generally get a solid 470-490mbps lan speed through it. I have fibre optic internet directly into to the home so get speeds of around 100mbps. I am running a Sam Knows monitor, so all of my wired internet traffic is routed through this box first, then into the powerline to distribute it around the home. The fiber inlet box -> router, router -> Sam Knows box, Sam Knows box -> powerline are all connected with these CAT6A wires, as they all handle the majority of my wired internet traffic.

Whilst I've not seen a dramatic increase in speed, these cables are obviously reliable (I have had a number of others die over the years through overuse and kinks), the plastic clips seem strong (many of my others have snapped off over time) and definitely speedy enough for my use! When I remove any other device from the equation and test the cable itself, I get fantastic results compared to a CAT5 cable, however, I wouldn't recommend that you pay for these cables all around the home, especially if you are only using them to connect low-bandwidth leaf nodes to the network - use these to build a solid backbone and you'll be glad you did.

I also note that these do come in much longer lengths, whilst I did not buy a longer length and therefore can't comment on their quality, in theory: the longer the cable, the better quality you should buy, so If you are intending to connect up with wires around the house (to get higher LAN speeds than a powerline is currently capable of) then do go for high quality long cables between your switches.
Rich Reply to on 6 March 2017
I have bought many of these over the years. You cannot go wrong with Duronic products - There are so many cheap leads with made from poor quality cable with questionable ends - not so with Duronic - 10/10 - I wouldn't look at another brand.

I'm a firm believer in "You get what you pay for" - No so with Duronic - You get far more.

I rarely (if ever) write reviews - I received an email from Duronic asking if I would mind leaving a review - I took the time to write this because I am so impressed.

Just to confirm - I am in no-way related to Duronic - I haven't been paid for a review or given any free products - I just want to help spread the word of a great brand.
HappyNet Reply to on 30 July 2018
I have a number of these cables in CAT6/A and CAT7.

All of them are of very high quality, they feel heavy and well made, they also look very professional and I often use them at customer sites for various tasks and all perform very well.

My latest use for Duronic cables was to cable back some Ubiquiti UniFi APs and they were perfect for the job, providing fast backhaul to the router and offering the shielding I desired and slightly thicker AWG than some of the other cables, which is great for connecting the APs via the PoE switch.

Highly recommend Duronic cables to anyone looking to replace their existing surface cabling and need an easy drop in.
Rob Reply to on 7 January 2018
I've purchased all my ethernet cables from Duronic now, they are of extremely great quality, especially given the price. Unlike other brands, these are properly shielded cables, most notably, the gold shield around the connector, this is required for proper shielding, however most cables do not include this. They also seem nice a durable, they shouldn't and haven't split or torn at the connector or along the cable like some cheaper cables do.

If you want proper quality ethernet cables, I would definitely recommend Duronic cables!
Pixel Popper
Pixel Popper Reply to on 14 July 2018
Purchase of 2 x 3m & 4 x 1m. On arrival it was very apparent that the cables and connectors were of good quality. DC continuity tests all passed on all pairs & ground prior to connecting up. These cables are slightly larger in diameter than many but that is part of the cost of higher quality materials, not an issue for me. There were no issues on connection & a slight increase in file transfer speeds was evident across the network. I was sufficiently impressed to have placed an order for another 4 x 1.5m.
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